Membership & Eligiblity


In the clause 4 of the Rules and Regulations of the Anatomical Society of India there is provision of membership. 

Clause-2 of the Rules of the Anatomical Society of India gives a detailed account of various types of the memberships and the eligibility for each.


Any person who is presently employed (or was engaged in the past) as a teacher in the subject of Anatomy (or any of the scheduled subjects listed on the page 13 under the heading "Schedule of Subjects") for teaching of undergraduate and / or postgraduate students in a University, recognized institution or laboratory, shall be eligible for enrolment as an ordinary member on payment of the ordinary membership subscription (vide infra) to the Treasurer.


An ordinary member of a particular year shall be eligible for enrolment as a life member on payment of the life membership subscription (vide infra) to the Treasurer in the same calendar year.


Wife and children (above 12 years of age) of the members may become Associate Member for attending a conference of the Society on payment of a fee at the rate of Rs.200/- = (rupees two hundred only) per head, sent to the Treasurer of ASI (through a demand draft or money order only).

Note :- Any person of the teaching staff of Anatomy will NOT be eligible for Associate Membership.


The undergraduate medical and dental students of the local branches of the Anatomical Society of India in respective medical/dental colleges may be listed as "student member" for the pre-clinical period of their course of study. The subscription at the rate of Rs.2/- = (rupees two only) per student shall be collected by the respective Heads of the Department of Anatomy of various medical/dental colleges/institutions in the country, who in turn shall send the money collected from a particular batch of students in a college to the Treasurer of the state Chapter of the Society/parent body.


Any person of outstanding scientific attainments in any of the scheduled subjects or an individual who has rendered (or is likely to render) material service in advancing the objectives of the Society, may on the recommendations of the Executive Committee of the Society (vide infra) be elected as Honorary member.


A person who has been Ordinary Member of the Society for a period of 20 (twenty) years may be elected as an honorary retired member after retirement from the active service.



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