1. Registered with the Registrar, Firms, Societies and Chit Fund, Vikas Deep Bhawan, Station Road, Lucknow-226 001 UP, under Societies Registration Act no. 21 of 1860.

2.Registration no. 2149 of 2004-05, dated 4 January 2005, serial no. 7132, file no. 1-142200, dated 6 January 2005.

3.Renewal of Registration has been done on 4th January2010 and is valid till 3rd January 2015.

4.Re-registration no. 704-2010-2011, dated 3 July 2010, serial no. 729, file no. 1- 42200, dated 5 July 2010.

5.Further renewal of registration will be due on 4th January 2015.

6. The certified copy of constitution, rules & regulations dated 31.01.05 has been obtained from office of Registrar.

7. The Original Certificate and certified Original copy of constitution, rules & regulations and other related documents are in CSM Medical University (former King George's Medical College), Lucknow with Head of Department of Anatomy.

8. A parallel file will be maintained with General Secretary of ASI.

9. Accounts of Society have to be prepared financial yearwise.

10. Each year in the month of April / May following documents have to be submitted in the office of Registrar of Society at Lucknow by General Secretary:

a- Annual accounts of the Societies from 1 st April of one year to 31 st March of the next year.

b- List of outgoing office bearers / members with their signatures.

c- List of newly elected office bearers and members of E.C.

d- In case signature of any outgoing member /office bearer couId not be obtained the General Secretary should give affidavit to that effects.




Nomination Form For Election




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