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Acromion morphology and morphometry in the light of impingement syndrome and rotator cuff pathology.pdf
Anatomical study of size variability of temporal and occipital horns of lateral ventricle of human brains - A magnetic resonance imaging study.pdf
Anatomical study of the middle turbinate and its applied importance.pdf
Can the anterolateral ligament be clearly identified in an embalmed cadaver.pdf
Compared growth patterns of the foot and its correlation with stature in Western Uttar Pradesh and NCR Delhi children aged between 6 and 10 years.pdf
Computed tomography measurements of normal adrenal glands in Indian population.pdf
Effects of transplanted olfactory ensheathing cells on functional improvement and axonal regeneration in acute and delayed spinal cord injury in rats - A comparative study.pdf
Examining the antitumoral effect of cornelian cherry (Cornus mas) in ehrlich ascites tumor-induced mice.pdf
Expression of fibroblast growth factor-10 during histogenesis of human lung in prenatal period.pdf
Facial asymmetry in slavic populations - Sex dimorphism in healthy young ukrainians.pdf
Morphological and morphometric study of scaphoid bone in South Indian population.pdf
Retrospective analysis of adult thoracic surface anatomy in Indian population using computed tomography scans.pdf
Sodium arsenite exposure during early postnatal period induces morphological and biochemical changes in rat kidney.pdf
Stature estimation using foot parameters of Andhra Pradesh tribal children.pdf
The effects of passive smoking on the human placenta - A gross and microscopic study.pdf
The prevalence and distribution of the dental anomalies in the Turkish population.pdf
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