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A cadaveric study for preoperative estimation of length of palmaris longus tendon in reconstructive surgeries.pdf
A gastrosplenic trunk in association with a replaced common hepatic artery arising independently from the superior mesenteric artery - A case report using multidetector computed tomography angiography.pdf
A retrospective study on the relationship between maxillary posterior teeth and maxillary sinus floor using cone-beam computed tomographic images.pdf
Body-height predictions with lower extremity length in the mentawai ethnic group.pdf
Cadaveric study of extensor retinaculum of the wrist.pdf
Discriminant function analysis of craniometric traits for sexual dimorphism and its implication in forensic anthropology.pdf
Dissecting the future - A critical review of anatomy's past, present, and future following the carnegie foundation's call for medical education reform.pdf
Saraswatarishta reverses neuronal injury in brain tissues of scopolamine-induced rat model.pdf
Spectrum of congenital cardiac malformations in dextrocardia - A single institute study.pdf
Stature Estimation from Foot Radiographs of North Indian Population.pdf
Students' perception of vertical integration for topics of applied anatomy in 1st year MBBS.pdf
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