General Rules

(amended up to 30th  November 2019)
Several awards are given by the Anatomical Society of India; some for the presentation of research work by the valid members of the Society from the Dias / Poster presentation [GB meeting minutes no.11 / 12 (iii & iv)] during the annual conferences, and also for the outstanding research work on different specialties of Anatomy published in the Journal of the Society in one calendar year. Each award of the Society has its own “Rules and Regulations” which are given under the Rules and Regulations of the respective award”.  However, there are some General Rules and Regulations which are applicable to each award and they are summarized below:


  1. The awards are open for the valid members of the Society.  A member, who wishes to submit any research paper / poster for any award, should be a Life / Ordinary member of the Society for at least three consecutive years and should be a valid member at the time of submitting and presenting his/ her paper/poster & receiving the award.
  2. A research paper / poster submitted for an award should be, as far as possible, of original nature and must have been carried out by the candidate himself / herself. The work done should be based on adequate material (with ethical clearance and informed consent, where applicable) and should have been thoroughly investigated emphasising its academic and / or practical importance.
  3. In case there is an age limit for any award (more specifically mentioned in the table given below and in the rules and regulations of the respective awards), a proof of the age of the member, who is applying for an award, must be provided along with the paper. For the verification of age, a duly attested High School or matriculation certificate or equivalent or a certificate issued by the Principal / Dean / Head of the Institution where the candidate is stationed at the time of submitting the paper must be furnished.  The age will be calculated as on the first day of the commencement of the conference [GB meeting of 2012, minutes no. 11 / 12 ( v & vi ).
  4. The research paper submitted for an award must be sent directly to the General Secretary of ASI (and not to the Organising Secretary of a conference) in triplicate along with charts, diagrams and/ or photographs, if any, and the proof of age, etc.,with a soft copy on email of secretory so as to reach the Secretariat of ASI by the 30th of September before commencement of that annual conference in which the candidate wishes to compete for the award.
  5. The Author should send, in triplicate, the manuscript [GB min.  23/15 propsal-6] of the poster with diagrams / photographs and abstract along with a certificate that the poster has not been presented in any other conference, with a soft copy on email to the General Secretary of ASI and a copy of the title and certificate to the Organizing Secretary of conference by 30th September of that year.
    5a. All the contestants for various awards on presented papers will be given 15 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for discussion [GB min.12/14 (iii)].
  6. All the papers / posters received by the General Secretary for various awards before the last date will be subjected to scrutiny by a panel of experts appointed by the General Secretary for suitability of the paper / poster to be presented for the award.  The decision of the panel will be communicated to the candidate by the General Secretary of ASI as early as possible, generally by 20th of October. For awards where multiple-authorship is permitted, only the first (main) author shall be eligible for competition for a particular award. The remaining authors will neither be allowed to present the paper nor will they be issued certificates stating their co-authorship in the award paper submitted by the main author.
  7. Research work done as a part of thesis, intended to be submitted or is in the process of being submitted or has already been submitted for any degree or done in a foreign laboratory can also be considered for the award.
  8. If at any time subsequent to the award it is proved that the awardee has contravened any of the conditions for the award, the award will be cancelled by the Executive Committee. To be fair to the awardee, he/she will be given one month’s notice to this effect and he/she will be entitled to make a personal or written representation to the Executive Committee, whose decision in this regard will be final.  In the event of cancellation of the award, the candidate will be debarred from (i) holding any office of the A.S.I. in future and (ii) will not be allowed to compete for any A.S.I. award in future.
  9. In case it is proved to the satisfaction of the Executive Committee that the research work/paper was an academic fraud or had been plagiarized, even partly, then not only the award will be cancelled but the candidate will be expelled from the membership of the Society and will not be readmitted at any time thereafter. To be fair to the Awardee he / she will be given one month’s notice to this effect and he/she will be entitled to make a personal or written representation to the Executive Committee, whose decision in this regard will be final.
  10. The suitability for any award shall be decided by a panel of judges appointed by the Executive Committee of the Society who shall take into account various criteria for a particular award. There shall be a panel of four judges for the published papers, appointed by the Executive Committee. The judges shall include, besides the Editor of the journal, three other eminent anatomists of the country. However, for paper presented from Dias / posters there shall be a panel of three judges from the anatomists attending the conference. The judges, as far as possible, shall not belong to that department from which the paper(s) / poster is under consideration for the award.
    10a. The Judges for various awards on publishes, presented and poster papers should not be below the rank of Associate Professor with  at least 20 years of teaching experience acquired after PG degree qualification, i. e., MD / MS / DNB / or M. Sc. With Ph D in the subject concerned. [GB Min. 11/13 (ii)].
  11. The evaluation by the judges will be done as per proforma which is appended as proforma 1, 2 & 3.  The decision of judges for each award shall be final. For the published papers, out of four judges, if the evaluation is not received from one judge (anatomists), the judgment will be declared on the basis of the marks given by the remaining three judges.
  12. An award shall be given in the form of a certificate, gold medal and cash award in the form of multicity cheque [GB meeting of 2010 Min 10/10 (i)] made out of the yearly interest accrued on the sum deposited for this purpose by the Treasurer of the Society as a long term fixed deposit in one of the Nationalized banks of India at the highest rate of interest.
    12a. Each member presenting the paper for an award from dais, in the award session, will be given a certificate for presenting paper by the Organising Secretary mentioning title of paper, name of the award for which the paper was presented  [GB Min. 12/14 (ii)].
  13. The awards shall be declared in the General Body Meeting of the Society in the same year, but the Certificate, Gold Medal and Cheque [GB meeting of 2010 Min 10/10 (i)] will be given at the time of inaugural function of the next annual conference.  In case the Awardee is not able to collect the award personally, he / she may authorize some person to collect certificate, gold medal and money during the inaugural function or from the General Secretary of the Society later. .
  14. The paper presented from Dias and the Poster “which gets the award” will become the property of the A.S.I.” and shall be published in the Journal of the Society, if accepted by the Editor-in-Chief. Author of Awarded Papers shall submit the paper for publication in Society Jounral in the proper format of publication of paper. For publicaiton of Awarded paper the editor shall not charge any fee towards publication. In case the paper is not accepted within the next 6 months or no information is sent to the Awardee regarding acceptance or rejection of the paper during this period, the candidate will be free to publish it elsewhere after this period. He / she will, however, inform the Editor-in-Chief and the General Secretary accordingly. Candidates who compete for the award but do not get the award will be free to publish their papers anywhere they like.
  15. Any person can compete for more than one Award.  With effect from 2016 there will be one award on one published paper. If a published paper in JASI gets maximum marks for two or more awards by the judged, the award will be given only for that paper in which there maximum marks.  For other awards his / her name will not be considered and therefore paper 2nd in position will be awarded.[GB min. 24/15].
  16. Research papers / Posters shall also be submitted in Soft Copy by email to the Secreatary.
  17. Any change in the Rules and Regulations of any award shall be effective only after these have been approved by the Executive Committee and the General Body.


Name of the Award Awarded for Best paper/ poster Age limit


Dr. Dharam Narayan Memorial Gold Medal Presented at the annual conference Less than 40 years
Prof. Hirendra Kumar Chatterjee Memorial Gold Medal Award Presented on Embryology and Teratology Less than 40 years
Dr. P.N. Dubey Memorial Gold Medal Presented on Neuroanatomy / Neurohistology No age bar
Dr. Mahdi Hasan Memorial Gold Medal Presented on Clinical Anatomy No age bar
Dr. Raikrushna Mohanti Memorial Award Presented on Histology No age bar


Dr. H.J. Mehta Memorial Award Best published paper No age bar
Dr. Liza Chacko Memorial Award Published on Neuroanatomy No age bar
Dr. P.C. Bansal Memorial Gold Medal Published on Histochemistry / Histology No age bar
Dr. Mati Lal Pan Memorial Award Published on embryology No age bar
Dr. Lata N. Mehta Memorial Award Published on Genetics / Imaging Anatomy No age bar
Krishna Gopal Saxena Memorial Gold Medal Published on Gross Anatomy (including Osteology and Physical Anthropology No age bar



Dr. Manju Naresh Memorial Gold Medal  on Histology No age bar
Dr T. Kodandaramaiah Memorial Gold Medal on Neuroanatomy No age bar
Dr. Inderjit Dewan Memorial Award on Clinical Anatomy No age bar

Smt. Manorama Devi Memorial                 On Imaging Anatomy                                  No age bar

Gold Medal

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