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(Started in 2012)
(amended up to 30 November 2014)

  • The Anatomical Society of India will have an Academy which will honour its Life Members by awarding Fellowship of the Anatomical Society of India and other academic activities as deemed proper in future.
  • The Academy will be an integral part of the Anatomical Society of India and will be under its administrative, academic and financial control.
  • The Fellowship will be known as “Fellow of Anatomical Society of India” which will be abbreviated as F. A. S. I.  All the fellows will be eligible to mention this fellowship along with other qualifications which they possess.
  • All the teachers will be divided into 5 Zones for this purpose, viz.: North, Central, East, South& West Zones.
  • All the medical & dental teachers who are Life Members of the ASI from different states and the Union Territories will be grouped into these five(5) zones as follows:-
NORTH ZONE Jammu & Kashmir, Punjab, Haryana, Himanchal Pradesh and Chandigarh (UT).
CENTRAL ZONE : Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.
EAST ZONE :  Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Orissa, Assam, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram, Tripura & Sikkim.
SOUTH ZONE : Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala,   Pondicherry, Lakshadweep (UT) and Andaman & Nicobar (UT)
WEST ZONE : Maharastra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Goa, Daman (UT), Dadra & Nagar Haveli (UT) and Diu (UT).
  • To select the Founder Fellows a Search Committee will be constituted by the Anatomical Society of India, consisting of 7 members including the President, General Secretary and 5 senior anatomists one each from North, Central, East, South and West Zones.  Of these the senior-most will be Chairperson [vide GB Min 3/11 (i).
  • For selection of the Founder Fellows the Search Committee will use its wisdom to select 50 names (preferably 10 from each zone) and submit the same with all the supporting papers to the General Secretary of ASI latest by 31st July 2012, to be finalised and approved in the next meeting of the Executive Committee and General Body.  For this purpose the search committee may gather information about various candidates as deemed proper.
  • For conferment of Fellowship in the subsequent years a Selection Committee of 7 members will be constituted by the Executive Committee of ASI including the President, General Secretary and 5 existing Fellows, one each from North, Central, East, South and West Zones. Of these the senior-most will be Chairperson [vide GB Min 3/11 (i).  This committee will have a term of (3) three years. The senior-most member of the Search Committee will be the Chairperson who will also be the Convener.  Every year not more than 10 Fellows will be added (preferably 2 from each zone) in such a manner that the total number will never exceed 200.
  • The Life Members of the Anatomical Society of India who wish to become the Fellow of the ASI will apply along with their Bio-data (CV) to the General Secretary of ASI by 31st May each year. Besides other things the Bio-data should also include (a) Age, (b) Length of membership of ASI, (c). Indicate three to five best publications (full length) which the candidate wishes to be considered, (d). Contributions to the Anatomical Society of India, (e) Number of conferences attended, (f) Unique Selling Points of the applicant in not more than 250 words.
  • The application must be proposed and seconded by at least two (2) existing Fellows on the proforma to be obtained from the office of the General Secretary of ASI or could be down loaded from the Website of the ASI. Some more Fellows may support the nomination of the candidate (optional).
  • All the nominations received by the Gen. Secretary by 31st May will be forwarded to the Selection Committee. The Selection Committee which will send its recommendations with all the supporting papers to the General Secretary of the ASI latest by 15th October each year.
  • The names of the Fellows as submitted by the Selection Committee will be final which will be informed to Executive Committee and the General Body in its next meeting.
  • The Fellow will pay a fee of Rs 5,000/- only to the ASI.  The money will be sent as a Demand Draft/ Multicity cheque in favour of the “Treasurer, Anatomical Society of India”, payable in the city where the Treasurer ASI bank account is located, by 15th of March of next year. The Fellowship will be conferred only after the receipt of the fee.
  • Each Fellow will be allotted a Fellowship Number which will be unique having 12 characters.viz., 0023-04-2012.

First four digits will be of serial numbers starting from 0001, followed by a dash, then two digits will be of the zones starting from 01, followed by a dash, and then the last four digits will be of the year starting from 2012.

Zone -01will be NORTH,  Zone-02 will be CENTRAL, Zone-03 will be EAST,  Zone-04will be SOUTH and   Zone-05 will be WEST.

This fellowship number will always be referred in all the correspondence.

  • The Fellowship will be conferred in the next annual conference of the Anatomical Society of India during the Inaugural function. The Fellowship will include a Certificate  to be signed jointly by the President, General Secretary and the Treasurer of the ASI and a Stoll.


1. Dr. Chandrama  Anand Khanyara North 0001—01—2012
2. Dr. Molly M.Paul Ludhiana North 0002—01–2012
3. Dr. Usha Dhall Rohtak North 0003—01—2012
4. Dr. Ashok Sahai Agra Central 0004—02—2012
5. Dr. A.K.Srivastava Lucknow Central 0005—02—2012
6. Dr.  Gayatri Rath New-Delhi Central 0007—02—2012
7. Dr. D.R.Singh Lucknow Central 0006—02—2012
8. Dr. G.P.Pal Indore Central 0008—02—2012
9. Dr. G.S.Longia Bhopal Central 0009—02—2012
10. Dr. Madhur Gupta Delhi Central 0010—02—2012
11. Dr. M.C.Vaidya New-Delhi Central 0011—02—2012
12. Dr. Mandvi Singh Varanasi Central 0012—02-2012
13. Dr.  N.K.Mehra New-Delhi Central 0013—02—2012
14. Dr. S.D.Joshi Indore Central 0014—02—2012
15. Dr. (Mrs.) S.S.Joshi Indore Central 0015—02—2012
16. Dr. Shashi Wadhwa New-Delhi Central 0016—02—2012
17. Dr. S.L.Jethani Dehradun Central 0017—02—2012
18. Dr. (Mrs.) Arti De Cuttack East 0018—03—2012
19. Dr. B.K.Omar Imphal East 0019—03—2012
20 Dr. Jagannath Prasad Patna East 0020—03—2012
21. Dr. S.K.Basu Kolkata East 0021—03—2012
22. Dr. S.K.De Cuttack East 0022—03—2012
23. Dr. A.Krishnamurti Chennai South 0023—04—2012
24. Dr. G.B.Rairam Gulbarga South 0024—04—2012
25. Dr. I.Manorama Thomas Banglore South 0025—04—2012
26. Dr. N.Sarda Devi Trivandrum South 0026—04—2012
27. Dr. Neelee Jayashree Hyderabad South 0027—04—2012
28. Dr. (Mrs.) S. Kantha Banglore South 0028—04—2012
29. Dr. S,Ramaswamy Chennai South 0029—04—2912
30. Dr. Shakuntala R.Pai Manipal South 0030—04—2012
31. Dr. S.swayam Jyothi Chennai South 0031—04—2012
32. Dr. S.S.Sarda Devi Hyderabad South 0032—04—2012
33. Dr. V.Balasubramayam Bangalore South 0033—04—2012
34. Dr. B.R.Zambare Ahmednagar West 0034—05—2012
35 Dr. B.R.Kate Nagpur West 0035—05—2012
36. Dr. H.A.Buch Nadiad West 0036—05—2012
37. Dr. P.K.Verma Pune West 0037—05—2012
38. Dr. S.K.Ghosh Wardha West 0038—05—2012
39. Dr. Vasanti Arole Pune West 0039—05—2012

FELLOWS – 2013

1. Dr. Samar Deb Tripura East 0040—03—2013
2. Dr. (Mrs.) P.Vatsalaswamy Pune West 0041—05—2013

FELLOWS – 2014

1. Dr. Vishram Singh Ghaziabad Central 0042—02—2014
2. Dr. Krishna Garg Delhi Central 0043—02—2014
3. Dr D.Suseelamma Hyderabad South 0044—04—2014
4. Dr. (Mrs.) Indira V.Ingole Amrawati West 0045—05–2014

FELLOWS – 2015

1. Dr. S. Melani Rajendran Chennai South 0046-04-2015
2. Dr. N. Damayanti Devi Imphal East 0047-03-2015

FELLOWS – 2019

1. Dr. Shashi Raheja New Delhi Central 0048-02-2019
2. Dr. Daisy Sahani Chandigarh North 0049-01-2019

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