Honors & Distinctions


(up dated till 2nd December 2018)


  1. Dr. G.P. Pal (Indore) was appointed member of Editorial Board of “Global Journal of Human Anatomy and Physiology Research.
  2. Dr. Vandana Mehta & Dr. R.K.Suri of VardhmanMahaveer Medical College, New Delhi have Edited First Edition of South Asian Edition of “Snell’s Clinical Anatomy by Regions” published by Walters Kluwer.  3.Dr. ShashiRaheja (New Delhi) was elected as Fellow of National Academy of Medical Sciences.
  3. Dr. Rajani Singh (Rishikesh) delivered Key Note Address in International Heart Conference at Singapore.
  4. Dr. Manisha R. Gaikwad (Bhubaneswar) was awarded Fellowship of International Science Academy and attended 8th APICA 2018 at Busan (Korea). 


  1. Dr. P. Vatsalaswamy (Pune) was awarded fellowship of International Medical Science  Academy.
  2. Dr. Pushpa Dhar (New Delhi) was elected Fellow of National Academy of Medical  Sciences.  
  3. Dr. Rajni Singh (Rishikesh) was nominated as Editorial Board member of Clinical  Anatomy, USA.
  4. Dr. Ashok Sahai (Agra) was appointed as Advisor to the Gross & Clinical Anatomy  working group of Federative International Programme of Anatomical Terminology of  IFAA for a period of 5 years.
  5. Dr. G.S.Longia (Jaipur) was appointed as Member of Federative International  committee for Equality & Diversity in Anatomy of IFAA for a period of 5 years. 


  1. Dr. Ashok Sahai (Agra) was invited as a speaker in the “International conference on Anatomy and Physiology” held at Birmingham, UK in August, 2016.
  2. Dr. Tulika Gupta (Chandigarh) has been elected Member of National Academy of Medical Sciences (MAMS) in 2016.  
  3. Dr. KanchanKapoor (Chandigarh) has been elected Member of National Academy of Medical Sciences (MAMS) in 2016.
  4. Dr. Tara Shankar Roy (New Delhi) has been elected Fellow of National Academy of Medical Sciences (FAMS) in 2016.
  5. Dr.Tara S. Roy (New Delhi) has been elected as Fellow of Indian Academy of Neurosciences in 2016. 


  1. Dr. S. Ramaswamy, Chennai received fellowship FRCS,(Glasgow) in July 2015.
  2. Dr. Daisy Sahni (Chandigarh) received Fellowship of National Academy of Medical Sciences for 2015 (FAMS).  3.Dr. Anajli Agarwal (Chandigarh) received MAMS for 2015.
  3. Dr P. Vatsalaswamy (Pune) became member of IFT of UNESCO Chair in Bioethics, the International Centre for Health, Law &Ethics,University of Haifa.
  4. Dr. Vishram Singh (Ghaziabad) was awarded Fellowship of International Medical Sciences Academy (FIMSA).
  5. Dr. AvinashAbhaya (Chandigarh) was awarded WHO Fellowship for a course “Strengthening Human Resources for Health” at Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, USA. He was nominated by Ministry of Health & Family Welfare.  


  1. Dr.  A. Krishnamurti (Chennai) , conferred by Indian Association of Bio-Medical Association.
  2. Dr. Daisy Sahni (Chandigarh) selected as member on Editorial Board of Clinical Anatomy.  
  3. Dr. Sunita Gupta (Ahmedabad) elected as member of National Academy of Medical Sciences (India) for 2013.
  4. Dr. Gayatri Rath (New-Delhi) delivered Gen. Amir Chand oration 2013-2014 of National Academy of Medical Sciences at All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Rishikesh.
  5. Dr. Mrithujay Rathore (Raipur) was awarded Dr. C. T. Thakar Award for 2012-2013 by IMA(National Body) for rendering best community services.   


  1. Dr. Sarha Ralte (Shillong) has been appointed as member of the Editorial Board in two Journals–Forensic Medicine & Anatomy Research and Microscopy Research for One year.  
  2. Dr. N. K.Mehra (New-Delhi)  was elected membrt (Honauris Causa) of the HungerianAcademy of Sciences and elected as Fellow of the World Academy of Sciences   


  1. Dr. Mahdi Hasan (Lucknow) was awarded Padmashree Award by President of India on 26th  January, 2012.   He is the first Anatomists to have received this award. (GB. 9/12).
  2. Dr. S. Ramaswamy (Chennai) was awarded Fellowship of Anatomical Society (FAS). This society was earlier known as Anatomical Society of Great Britain & Ireland. (GB. 9/12).
  3. Dr. Gayatri Rath (New Delhi) was awarded 1st prize for the best paper published in Journal of International Medical Science Academy for the year 2011. (GB. 9/12).  


  1. Dr. S. Ramaswamy (Chennai) received, Dr. M.G.R. Medical University lifetime achievement award 2011. He also received Dr. (Maj) S. Srinivasan Memorial Award 2010 for senior faculty. (GB. 10/11).
  2. Dr. Mahdi Hasan (Lucknow) was conferred with life time achievement award by Indian Academy of Neurosciences. (GB. 10/11).
  3. Dr. Raj D Mehra (New Delhi) received “Kshanika Oration Award, 2007” from I.C.M.R. (GB. 10/11)
  4. Dr. Prakash (Bangalore) was nominated as Member of Editorial Board of “Medical Education  Development Journal” published from Italy. (GB. 10/11).
  5. Dr. Daksha Dixit (Belgaum) was appointed as Member of Editorial board on Clinical Research for “Biomirror” Journal published from U.K. (GB. 10/11).
  6. Dr. Avinash Abhaya (Chandigarh) was appointed master trainer by WHO for I.C.F. programme in India. (GB. 10/11). 


  1. Dr. Mahdi Hasan (Lucknow) has been awarded prestigious Dr. Trimurti Memorial Oration  lecture of Indian National Science Academy. It is heartning to know that he is attending 50th National Conference of Anatomical Society of India at Pune. (GB. 7/10).
  2. Dr. Krishna Garg (Delhi) was awarded “Chikitsa Ratan” by Delhi Medical Association. (GB. 7/10).
  3. Dr. P.S. Bhusaraddi (Hubli) was elected Member of IFAA Medical Humanities & Ethics Committee for the year 2010. (GB. 7/10).   


  1. Dr. Ashok Sahai (Lucknow) was appointed and worked as inspector on behalf of UGC New  Delhi, to review Deemed University status of three universities of India. (GB. 7/09)
  2. Dr. Gajendra Singh (Varanasi) working as Member of working group of MCI for increase ofnumber of seats in medical college; Member governing council of ICMR for 3 years & member UGC committee to evaluate & inspect J.N. Medical College, Belgaum. (GB. 7/09)
  3. Dr. G.P. Pal (Indore) was appointed as Inspector of National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) for Karnataka. (GB. 7/09).
  4. Dr. Prakash (Bangalore) was selected as a Member of the Editorial team of Journal of Clinical Pathology & Forensic Medicine. (GB. 7/09).
  5. Dr. Arun Kumar S. Bilodi (Bangalore) was elected as Fellow of International College of Surgeons in Anatomy. (GB. 7/09).  


  1. Dr. Gayatri Rath (New Delhi) was elected fellow of National Academy of Medical Sciences for the year 2007. (GB. 8/08).
  2. Dr. Ashok Sahai (Lucknow) reviewed & edited ten chapters of Head & Neck in the 40th Edition of Gray’s Anatomy. (GB. 8/08).
  3. Dr. P. D. Athavia (Mumbai) reviewed & edited seven chapters of cell, tissue & system in the 40th Edition of Gray’s Anatomy. (GB. 8/08).
  4. Dr. Sonali Kataria (New Delhi) was awarded. Junior Investigator Award for 2008 by International College of Geriatic Psychoneuropharmacology at Sydney, Australia. (GB. 8/08).  


  1. Dr. S. Ramaswamy (Chennai) was awarded “Dr. Vimla Virmani Award” for 2007 in recognition for his research paper “Hypnotherapy for Stuttering” published by Swedish Society of Clinical & Experimental Hypnosis. (GB. 9/07).
  2. Dr. S. Melani Rajendran (Chennai) received “Dr. Subbiah Subromaniam award” for 2007 given by Indian Association of Biomedical Scientists. (GB. 9/07).  


  1. Dr. A. Krishnamurti (Annamalai Nagar) was appointed Local Secretary cum convenor for Session of Medical Science including Physiology in the Indian Science Congress being held at Chennai (GB. 10/06).
  2. Dr. Ashok Sahai (Lucknow) was invited as one of the three consultants to work with the Director General of Health Services, Ministry of Health, Government of India on revision of Curriculum for MBBS Course. (GB. 10/06).
  3. Dr. Shipra Paul (New Delhi) was elected as a member of International Editorial Advisory Board of Gray’s Anatomy for students.  Awarded fellowship of International Medical Science Academy & membership of National Academy of Medical Sciences. She was also elected as a member of American Association of Anatomists. (GB. 10/06).
  4. Dr.  Sirjit Das (New Delhi) was inducted as member of International Editorial advisory board For Surgical & Radiological Anatomy Journal. (GB. 10/06).   


  1. Dr. Mahdi Hasan (Lucknow) was conferred with Dr. B. K. Bachhawat Memorial Life Time Achievement award 2004 in recognition of his outstanding research work & significant contribution to the development of Neurosciences in India. (GB. 8/05).
  2. Dr. Krishna Garg (New Delhi) has been elected Fellow of the National Academy of Medical Sciences for 2005. (GB. 8/05).
  3. Department of Anatomy of K.G’s Medical University, (CSMMU), Lucknowestablished CT Scan Gallery and started Ultrasound for UG/PG teaching and patient care. (GB. 8/05).


  1. Dr. Mahdi Hasan (Lucknow) was conferred with D.Sc. (Honoraris Causa) by the World association of Integrated Medicine. (GB. 8/04).
  2. Dr. V. Satya Prasad (Mysore) received young investigator award at 16th International Congress of IFAA held at Kyoto, Japan (GB. 8/04).
  3. Dr. P. A. Kumar (Coimbatore) has been appointed as visiting Professor in Anatomy in Georgetown University, Washington DC, USA since 2001. (GB. 8/04).  


  1. Dr. Usha Dhall (Rohtak) was elected as Fellow of National Academy of Medical Sciences (GB. 6/03).
  2. Dr. Satya Prasad V (Mysore) delivered a guest lecture on “Metal – DNA interaction …………… disorders in the 4th International symposium on “Trace Metals in Humans: A new prospective” at Athens (Greece; GB. 6/03).
  3. Dr. M.M. Cooper Memorial Oration was delivered by Dr. A Krishnamurti for 2002 and by Dr. S. Ramaswamy for 2003 at Pondicherry (GB. 6/03).  


  1. Prof. Inderjit Dewan (Chandigarh) was elected as fellow of Indian National Science Academy (GB. 9/02)
  2. Prof. Mahdi Hasan (Lucknow) was conferred with “Shushrut Award” of World Association of Integrated Medicine. He also delivered “6th Dr. Kapil Sood Oration” at 11th Annual conference of Neuroscience Society of U.P. (GB. 9/02).
  3. Prof. I Manorama Thomas (Bangalore) was elected E.C. Member of National Academy of Medical Sciences (GB. 9/02).

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